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The Porsche of Tucson Team

Our Porsche Team

Let us introduce you to our staff, show you some of our special vehicle offers and take you through our complete line of new, Certified pre-owned and used inventory. We can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We know your time is valuable. We are sure you will find our site a fast and convenient way to research and find a vehicle that's right for you. If we can be of any assistance while visiting us online, send us an email and we will promptly reply.We look forward to serving you!



Nebiyu Yonas

Nebiyu Yonas | General Manager

Nebiyu has been with Porsche for 12 years and many more in the automotive industry. His years of experience and his passion for the Porsche brand are unmistakable. Beyond the industry Neb is a soccer player and fan and a Family man.

Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email:

German Bojorquez

German Bojorquez | General Sales Manager

German is our leader here at Porsche, and for good reason. His understanding and care for the brand and for the customer is evident. He was recognized by Porsche in September 2016 for top sales and was able to go to Le Mans for an unforgettable experience. He has been with the Porsche since 2005, and in the automotive industry since 1990. Aside from Porsche, German has 5 kids and is a dedicated Father and Husband. In his free time enjoys Jogging and has competed in many 5k 10ks half marathons and Marathons.

Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email:

Brian Herring

Brian Herring | Service Manager

Brian, a Tucson native, has been with Porsche for 16 years and with Chapman for nearly 20.  Brian enjoys off-roading and exploring desert trails in his free time. 



Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email:

Steve McKerlie

Steve McKerlie | Parts Manager

Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email:

Emilio Guevarra

Emilio Guevarra | Sales Manager

Emilio is our sales manager here at Porsche. He has been with Porsche since 2008 and in the automotive business for 20 years. Emilio has been a car enthusiast since he was a kid. His product knowledge is a healthy addition and we are happy to have him here. Another family guy, Emilio has been happily married since 1993, father of two. In his free time you can find Emilio at his local boxing gym.

Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email:

Gabriela Sainz

Gabriela Sainz | Administrative

Phone: 520.202.5802 • Email:

Efraim Gonzalez

Efraim Gonzalez | Brand Ambassador

Efraim Gonzalez, also known as EG, has been with Porsche for over 6 years and has been in the automotive industry for 12 years. He enjoys time with his family, BBQ's,  golf, and cheering on the Univertisty of Arizona 

Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email:

Frank DeRollo

Frank DeRollo | Brand Ambassador

Frank has over 50 years in the automotive industry with his last 11 at Porsche Tucson. His invaluable experience includes managing both new and used car operations in California. Come see Frank and allow him to make your Porsche buying experience a pleasure.

Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email:

Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens | Brand Specialist

Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email:

Robb Marsh

Robb Marsh | Brand Specialist

Robb Marsh has been in the luxury automotive industry for 15 years. He honed his customer relations skills with 20 years in the resort business. He hails from Wisconsin but being a sun worshiper has called Arizona home for the last 30 years. 

Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email:

Patrick Volk

Patrick Volk | Service Consultant

With 15 years with Chapman and 12 years with Porsche, Patrick's experience is hard to beat. Before the Automotive Industry, Patrick was a Fireman/Fire Chief for the Bayville Fire Department in New Jersey. He also has a passion for caring for animals.

Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email:

David McCrory

David McCrory | Parts Consultant

From Pennville Indiana, David has 44 years of experience in the automotive industry and 25 years with Porsche. His passion for cars doesnt stop with his work. In his free time he enjoys restoring classic cars.


James Guthrie

James Guthrie | Technician

James's Porsche experience is hard to beat. With almost 40 years working with Porsche and over 20 with Chapman his expertise is second to none. Originally from the Cleveland Ohio area James enjoys restoring Type 1 Volkswagens.

Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email:

Justin Burns

Justin Burns | Technician

Justin, a Tucson native, has 17 years experience with Porsche and participated in the 2nd graduating class of the Porsche Technical Apprenticeship Program. Justin also enjoys riding motorcycles in his free time. 

Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email:

Steve Loehrs

Steve Loehrs | Parts Consultant

From Fort Dix, New Jersey, Steve has 13 years of experience with Chapman and 8 years with Porsche. In his free time Steve enjoys music and carpentry 

Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email:

April Sasse

April Sasse | Business Office

Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email:

Ahmed Dawass

Ahmed Dawass | Brand Specialist

Phone: 520.202.5840 • Email:

Samantha Bell | Sales Assistant

Phone: 520.202.5754 • Email:

Max Corella | Brand Specialist

Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email:

Sal Messina | Brand Specialist

Phone: 520.748.1000 • Email: